About us

Meditor is more than your average screening provider. As we are not a private investigator or a security company, we have a somewhat different approach; hence we do not treat our candidates as suspects or risks. On the contrary, we help the candidate validate their credentials.

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We never screen without a consent, we never take sides, and never perform services that could be considered unethical, illegal or unecessary. Additionally, we urge all our clients to stick to what’s relevant and important.

Where many of our competitors offer screening as an additional service or a supplement to a somewhat different core business, we have only one priority. That allows for 100% focus on screening, and ensures that we deliver fast, accurate, and thorough results.

Meditor around the world

As an independent supplier, we do not produce any information ourselves, but evaluate information produced and issued by others. Neither do we have any ties to or interest in the candidate beyond the actual verification. That way, we stay unbiased and neutral, and avoid conflict of interest.

Meditor may not be the world’s largest screening provider, but we are continuously growing. As well, our network of dedicated staff and trusted agents is expanding, and our reach is unlimited. A global mindset and presence gives us local knowledge, which has made us a preferred supplier to many multinational corporations. Wherever they are doing their business, we aim to follow.

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