Meditor works cloud-based in VeriFind, an online system developed by the IT company BlueCask. The company may develop all kinds of systems and tools, and solves most integration needs. BlueCask focuses on simplicity and usability.

Meditor is not a private investigator, and does not take assignments typically solved by security firms and private investigators. It happens, however, that we get inquiries regarding such assignments and then we will pass to one of the most famous private detectives. With a long career in the police and several awards for transparency and communication, FAPE is a natural choice when you need to dig a bit deeper.

Recruitment Manager is an up-to-date, user friendly and complete software package for the recruitment and staffing industry. A number of the leading agencies and companies in Norway are using the system every day. The system is fully cloud based, works on both Mac and PC, smartphones and tablets. It is also connected to leading external partners who provide related services, such as VeriFind. Available in 22 languages. Visit

WebCruiter is a leading provider of recruitment solutions, and has more than 1000 renowned customers in a wide range of industries/sectors. The solution is used by 65 000 users in more than 50 countries. WebCruiter is cloud based, and uses market leading development tools and database technology in order to guarantee the customers rapid, dependable and future-oriented solutions. WebCruiter can be integrated with external solutions, such as VeriFind. Visit

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