VeriFind is an online system for managing background checks. It allows the user to follow the process from order to delivery, view status updates, and retrieve relevant results and reports. All in a secure system that is always available. The system can be integrated with the company’s CV portal and other online systems.


  • a tool tailored for and dedicated only to screening
  • simplifies the order and consent process
  • automated notifications between client, candidate and screener
  • easy access to and safe storage of documents and results


VeriFind is located within Microsoft cloud service Azure, and uses SSL-technology for transport safety, meaning that all communication is encrypted.

Documents uploaded to VeriFind are securely stored, and cannot be downloaded by anyone other than the user and the screeners. Downloading/access is allowed by a temporary access and SSL.

The system is based upon password authentication. All passwords are encrypted. Users may not see information / details / assignments belonging to other users.


Meditor works cloud-based in VeriFind, so that our customers and employees communicate more easily, avoiding unnecessary administration. VeriFind can be integrated with your existing HR-system / CV-portal. Below are some of the first systems with wich VeriFind will be integrated. Cannot find the system used in your company? Contact them, and ask them to look into the possibility of integrating with VeriFind.

Logo VeriFind

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