Screening undoubtedly has many benefits. Some are widely known, others are less obvious. Here are the Top 10 reasons why background checks pay off.

1) Keeps candidate happy

The only way to ensure the candidate has a fair evaluation is through a background check. The process allows the candidates to receive documentation that proves their history and background, providing a valuable confirmation. Avoiding that the right person is bypassed in the queue by someone who does not have their papers in order.

2) Ensuring equal treatment

A background check helps to ensure equal treatment of all individuals. The fact that candidates meet the same requirements, regardless of gender, nationality, position or who they know – it creates a streamlined process, ensuring greater acceptance and understanding, and helps to treat all with the same level of respect and trust.

3) Improved decision making

A background check digs a little deeper, giving more accurate information. Much of what you have to ask the candidate in an interview or during the recruitment process is answered in a background check. That way you get more facts, allowing more timely decisions.

4) Satisfy client requirements

As a supplier, you will be far more attractive when you can document a systematic background check. A growing number of companies require screenings as part of the hiring process, Some have rather specific requirements to ensure that they have their backs covered if something turns out negative.

5) Meets regulatory requirements

For many private and public functions, the government has set documentation requirements. Roles in infrastructure require security clearance, the financial sector requires certification, working with children requires a criminal record check, and many areas of our society have similar requirements with elements of screening.

6) Meets quality standards

Whether a company has its own quality standard or is certified according to an ISO standard, the challenges remain the same. You need established plans, and must document the implementation. Screening supports these compliance efforts, and makes the job a lot easier for the company itself and their auditors.

7) Improves security

Knowing who to hire or contract, their background and expertise, and that they don’t have a hidden agenda or personal interest in the business – provides better security. Security is not just to keep intruders out, but knowing who is on the inside. Better security reduces the risk of injuries, accidents, damages or sabotage.

8) Safeguards company reputation

Violation of a company’s security and quality standards can have fatal consequences for the operations and reputation. The same applies to a bad hire that might cause danger or harm. The wrong assessment can be serious enough in itself, and create the impression of a business that does not take responsibility.

9) Improves transparency

A background check is not about suspicion, secrets or investigation. Society and individuals need to be accustomed to the fact that information can be requested, presented, verified and documented, so that it becomes something natural and commonplace. This way you can get the necessary transparency on the subject of screening.

10) Saves time and money

As a natural consequence of the 9 previous points, the company will also save time and resources. Correct information is available earlier, fewer unanswered questions, less bad hires, more happy clients and staff, and reduced risk of injuries, damages and mishaps. All gains that are also economically beneficial to a business.

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