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Legal Issues

Screening is of course legal. It would be strange if documenting facts should be banned, but still there are many who are unsure what is allowed to do. But, since background checks can range widely in purpose and content, it is still important to remember that there are areas that have restrictions or special requirements. Understanding the potential legal issues is always a good start…

Background checks can reveal a wealth of information, including criminal history, financial status, employment, education and other information.

HammerWhile this can sometimes seem like an invasion of privacy, there are laws in place to protect individuals against improper collection, use and storage. The laws vary from country to country, even though they essentially follow the same guiding principles.

To make certain the information revealed in a background check is used in a proper manner, both the individual being subjected to the check and the party requesting it should understand what information can and can’t be used in evaluating eligibility for employment, housing, or credit. Consistently adhering to these regulations ensures a fair and legal screening process.

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