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Privacy Policy

What is Personal Data Protection? Simply put, it is a policy/law concerning the right to privacy and the right to decide on their own personal data.

A background check will not preclude this. Therefore, it is smart to have privacy in mind when planning and conducting background checks or other processes in which one processes personal information.

As an individual you have completely distinct rights: You may at any time request access, rectification and deletion, and your desires / restrictions should be taken into account. The process should primarily ensure your rights, but also prevent your information from being shared or snatched.

SecurityBusinesses should naturally follow the law, but should also create their own guidelines that are relevant to the activities they have.

Learn more about privacy at the Norwegian Data Inspectorate (Norway) or the European Commission (Europe).

Meditor and privacy

Meditor is committed to protecting the privacy of our candidates and clients, and to maintain the integrity of any personal information. All information will be kept safe and treated with full confidentiality. It will never be distributed or accessible to others without a pre-approval of implicated parties.

Careful data handling is in line with the expectations of our clients, candidates and business partners and forms the basis for a trusted business relationship. That is why we always adhere to the ruling law, regardless of candidate nationality and employment location.

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