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What can I screen?

Absolutely anything can be screened. That does not mean it’s the best thing to do. If you want to keep candidates, staff, clients, partners and authorities happy, stick to what is RELEVANT and IMPORTANT. Leave everything else behind.

This information may be included in the background check:

Content Very common Often Rarely
ID / Identity x
Education / Academic history x
Employment history x
Certificate / Professional qualification x
Credit score / financial history x
Reference interview x
Official licence / permit x
Business interests x
Media / online search x
Residental address x
Drugtesting x
Language test x
Bankruptcy x
Criminal history / Police records x
Civil litigation x
Alcohol / Drugtesting x
Business prohibition x
Work permit / VISA x
Reference control x
Global Sanctions x

Remember that there are geographical differences. What is legal in one country may be illegal in another, and there may also be differences in the methods that should be used. Not all services above can be implemented as easily everywhere. Some sources require payment to confirm the information. Ask us for details on what services that may be restricted or more complicated.

Some check the same for all positions, while others have differentiated content based on what responsibilities the candidate will have. The first variant contributes to streamlined processes, while the latter provides more targeted efforts. There are pros and cons of both options.

The vast challenges, many barriers and restrictions call for some important decicions to be made. Let us offer some guidance on what is smart, possible and realistic. Read more at Services.

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