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Who should I screen?

Any individual suitable for hire or contracting can be screened, but pay attention to the candidate’s needs and restrictions.

Screening may be done either on the candidate that the company has decided to hire (the first choice), or you can check the most appropriate candidates, and so make the background check into a complementary and effective selection tool.

Experience shows that the preferences may change when additional people are checked; the first choice is not necessarily the candidate of choice after a background check.

Some companies choose to screen more frequently for higher positions than for positions at a lower level. There is nothing to suggest that this makes more sense than anything else. The need is equally applicable regardless of level. It is often the employees “on the floor” that handle and have access to money, goods, property and the keys / codes.

It is also possible to check people who are already employed; and not just job seekers, for example. when moving from one level to another, or when changing department, position or responsibility. Several companies practice such a new / upgraded background check (re-screening) to meet business requirements for risk management.

Meditor Customers
Some companies (30%) screen the most potential candidates, most (55%) screen their 1st choice, while 15% screen already hired personnel.

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